Creamy Chicken Sandwiches

30 Jul 2020

This tasty creamy chicken sandwich tastes just like your favourite café version. It’s high in fibre, protein and full of nutrients growing bodies need. Best of all, it’s easy to eat, so the veggie fillings won’t fall out.

Serves 2
150g BBQ chicken, chopped
¼ cup Greek yoghurt
2 tablespoons whole egg mayonnaise
4 slices grainy/wholemeal bread
½ carrot, peeled into ribbons
2 leaves cos lettuce
1 sliced tomato

1. Using a fork, mix together the chicken, yoghurt and mayonnaise in a medium bowl. Use the back of the fork to press down onto the chicken, shredding it into small pieces.
2. Spread a slice of spread, lightly, with a tablespoon of the chicken mixture. Top this with a lettuce leaf and some carrot ribbons and tomato slices. Spread three more tablespoons of the chicken mixture on the second slice of spread. Press the two slices together and slice the sandwich in half.
3. Repeat with the remaining bread and filling.
4. Wrap well in a bees wax wrap, sandwich pouch or cling-film, or, in an airtight container. Store in the fridge for up to 24 hours before packing in a lunchbox. Ensure a frozen ice-brick is packed too, to keep the sandwich fresh and safe.


Recipe by Sarah Moore, Registered Nutritionist (BSc, MPH)